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Neo Tokyo v2 | Posted by Linux on 08.18

 Dear friends,

I hope you are all doing well taking care of your family and friends. I will be brief regarding this new update, I hope you like it and sorry for not giving many details.

+ Neo Tokyo v2 (Released) 09/14/20
   - Added Neo Tokyo Quests (98%)
   - BossRuns [99%]
+ More stable game client 09/30/20
+ Fixed Timeless/Reverse sets
+ @recharge command works with Throwing stars/arrows/bullets
+ Added New pets (20+) They will be a gift by event or by donation.
+ Added cash items:
  - Sets Shingeki no Kyojin, Fullmetal Alchemist
  - Hats: PSY HAT, Dark Force Horns (M), Dark Force Horns, Dumpling Head Wig
  - Face Accessory: Cleaning Mask, Vellum Mask, Von Bon Mask, Teddy Surgeon Mask, Skeleton Mask, Spiky Mask, Black Idol Mask, White Idol Mask
  - Capes: Mad Doctor Stethoscope, Ribbon Angel Syringe, Snowflake Umbrella

New Download link: DOWNLOAD NOW

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