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Lunar New Year Extended | Posted by Linux on 04.10

Event is active

We have extended our envelope awards event for you to enjoy more time at home during these quarantine times.

It is a drop random that you can acquire from any monster on the server
Red Envelopes
Money Envelopes

NPC: Mr. Pickall

Kerning City

From Red Envelopes:
Use: Chocolate, Ginger Ale, Onyx
Cash: Fireworks (cash)
Scrolls: White Scroll, Clean Slate Scroll 5%
Special: 5 Perfect Pitch
From Money Envelopes:
Use: Chocolate, Ginger Ale, Naricain's Demon Elixir
Cash: Chinese Lantern Firecrackers (cash)
Scrolls: Clean Slate Scroll 20%, White Scroll, Scroll for Gloves for ATT, Scroll for Shield for Weapon Att.
Special: 10 Perfect Pitch

We hope you enjoy this little event
Thank you for your attention and for being part of our service.

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