Server Info
Version 83 Mod
: 6p / : 5 / : 3
Accts: 239
Chars: 294



Please remember to enter your account id and game nickname in the details of your transaction

Before proceeding with your donation you must have something clear:
1. The donation process is completely voluntary. You should be clear that the fact that you make a donation will not give you a reward. Our server is completely NOT PAY TO WIN so do not expect to receive any prize.
2. All donated money will not be refunded. If you proceed with the payment we are not responsible under any circumstances for the payment processed.
3. We have accepted to receive donations because hosting this server and keeping it running costs time and money so we appreciate this when you ask why we have activated it.
4. The fact that you make a donation does not make it immune to our terms of use. If you breach any of our rules you may be expelled and banned without the right to reply or refund of any kind.


After donating please contact the admin to confirm that your donation has arrived successfully.
Thank you very much for supporting this project dedicated to those who really enjoy this game in its old version

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