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Server/Game Update | Posted by Linux on 07.17

Dear user,

We have made some changes to improve server performance and repair some errors
It is recommended that you update the files of your game before connecting.

Download link: Update 05.20.19

- Fixed leaders being able to create expeditions even though the already passed the day limit.
- Implemented item expiration from DB after the due date.
- Added FieldLimit checks for disappearing item drops and no EXP deduction in limited areas.
- Added "Quest Item Restore" functionality.
- Added gate state update in Papulatus lobby area.
- Fixed a recent issue regarding bounding box calculation of AoE player skills.
- Implemented minidungeon close, to occur as soon as the party leader leaves the area.
- Fixed friendly mobs not dropping item periodically, a recent issue after tweaking the loot system.
- Fixed Papulatus expedition closing after the exped leader leaves or a minimum of player required to start is no longer there.
- Fixed several expeditions closing after performing party operations, such as "change party leader".
- Reviewed expected max damage calculation for summons, which would not work properly in several occasions.
- Normalized timezone from packets sent to client, now using the same timezone defined from the server flags.
- Fixed certain scenarios in CPQ that would happen within the stage between the "challenge accepted" and ingress in the battlefield.
- Added GM checks in the autoban method.

Credits MapleStory Development Community

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