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Version 83 Mod
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Server Update/Fixes | Posted by Linux on 04.05

Dear user,
We have made some changes to improve server performance and repair some errors
- Fishing rate changed from 10x to 15x
- Some PQ Min req Level changed to 2 and Max Level changed to 255
- Added MCPQ access in Dimensional Doors.
- Revised Crusader/Dawn Warrior's Combo Attack, no longer resetting orbs after recasting during active time.
- Added 4th job advancement handing out Maple Warrior skill book.
- Fixed several issues with not being able to collect drops within owned exclusivity time when back-and-forth changing maps.
- Revised visual EXP gain. Players that participated most in the defeat of the mob has the gain displayed in white, else yellow, somewhat similar to GMS.
- Fixed client not disconnecting properly after closing the game inside MTS/Cash Shop, leading to no update on account's login state.

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