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Version 83 Mod
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Our files are 100% virus free, it is possible that your anti virus picks up KiotoStory as a virus. It is a false warning.
Download Full Setup

Note the HD version of our client / Nota sobre la version HD de nuestro cliente:
This patch may overwrite non-replaceable files in your installed KiotoStory version and may have minor visual errors. It's a beta version, so installation carries risks. To restore the previous version, use the full KiotoStory client.
Este parche sobrescribirá archivos no reemplazables en tu versión de KiotoStory instalada y podría tener errores visuales menores. Recuerda que es una versión beta y su instalación conlleva riesgos. Para restaurar la versión anterior, utiliza el cliente completo de KiotoStory.

Installation tutorial:

First off, why is KiotoStory being detected as a virus?... (Click here to read more..)
Once the issue has been clarified, it is recommended to disable any antivirus you have installed before proceeding with the installation.
1- Download both Setup and Client installation files
2- Proceed to install the Setup. The default installation folder is "C:\KiotoStory\" After installing it if you have the antivirus activated (Windows Defender) it will surely eliminate the game launcher (Client)
3- Add the folder where you installed the Setup to the exceptions of your antivirus. This could vary depending on the antivirus you are using.
If you are only using Windows Defender you can use this link as a reference: Video Tutorial (Remember to add the Setup folder you just installed, which in default would be "C: \ KiotoStory \")
4- Now you can install the Client in the folder where you installed the Setup "C:\KiotoStory\" (Run the Client's installer and make sure to indicate the address where you installed the Setup)

If nothing happens when you run the game or you get an error remember:
1- Our Client requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 and Visual C++ redist
2- In the properties of the executable or shortcut to run the game select: Run with Windows 98/XP/7 compatibility

System requirements: