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Server Info
Version 83 Mod
: 2 / : 1 / : 1
Accts: 67
Chars: 93



Hello in this section we are going to talk to you more about our server. Some things may not be exactly the same because we are improving every day more.

General Information:
- We use MapleStory v83 with some new maps and npc so we recommend you to use our files to avoid mistakes
- Rates are Progressive: (Cash Shop Cards works) This means that every 20 levels your rate will increase
- Quest rates 3x (event)
- Can vote for NX or Just Train and farm NX
- Items can Level-UP 7 times and boost the stats


  • HPQ/KPQ/LPQ/LMPQ/OPQ/EllinPQ/PiratePQ/MagatiaPQ/HorntailPQ.
  • AmoriaPQ/TreasurePQ/ElnathPQ.
  • CWKPQ as Expedition-based event.
  • Expeditions: Scarga/Horntail/Showa/Balrog/Zakum/Pinkbean.
  • GuildPQ + Guild queue with multi-lobby systems available.
  • Brand-new PQs: BossRushPQ, CafePQ.
  • Mu Lung Dojo.
  • Capt. Latanica remade as an event (parties can now fight the boss).


  • Doll house quest functional.
  • Quests can now reward properly items when matching a reward item with the player's job.
  • Quest rewards according to jobs works properly.
  • Reward selection and randomed reward works properly.
  • Loads of quests have been patched.
  • Meso requirement for starting/completing quests now must be met by the player.
  • Lots of job questlines (rewarding skills) have been patched/implemented.
  • Enhanced rewarding system: checks for stacking opportunities on the inventory before checking for new slots.
  • Improved the quest expiration system, one of the tweaks making the clock UI disappear when completing/expiring quests.
  • Reviewed Aran questline.
  • Reviewed 4th job skill questlines as a whole.
  • Complete overhaul on the 3rd job quiz (explorers), with all 40-question pool now made available.

Player Social Network:

  • Guild and Alliance system fully functional.
  • Implemented Marriage system from the ground-up
  • Beginners can create and join a "beginner-only" party (characters up to level 10).
  • Enhanced synchronization on Player Shops and Hired Merchants. Transactions made are instantly informed to the owner.
  • Game minirooms such as match cards and omok now has semi-functional password system.
  • Item pickup cooldown on non-owned/non-partyowned items functional.
  • Further improved the server's ranking system, now displaying properly daily player ranking movement.
  • Automated support for Player NPCs and Hall of Fame.

Cash & Items:

  • EXP/DROP/Cosmetic Coupons.
  • EXP/DROP coupons now appears as a buff effect when on active time.
  • Great deal of cash items functional.
  • New scroll: antibanish. For use only in cases where bosses send a player back to town.
  • Inventory system properly checks for item slot free space and ownership.
  • Storage with "Arrange Items" feature functional.
  • Spikes on shoes.
  • Vega's spell.
  • Owl of Minerva.
  • Pet item ignore.
  • New Year's card (New Year effect sometimes d/c's a player).
  • Kite.
  • Cash Shop Surprise.
  • Maple Life.

Monsters, Maps & Reactors:

  • Every monsterbook card is now droppable by overworld mobs.
  • Added meso drop data for basically every missing overworld mob.
  • Monsterbook displays drop data info
  • Every skill/mastery book is now droppable by mobs.
  • Mobs now can drop more than one of the same equipment
  • Limited item count on maps
  • Implemented Zombify disease status.
  • Added Boss HP Bar for dozens of bosses.
  • If multiple bosses are on the same area, client will prioritize Boss HP bar of the target of the player.
  • Boats, elevator and other travelling mechanics fully working.
  • HP decreasing overtime on maps and mechanics to prevent them (consumables, equips) fully functional.
  • Crimson Balrog boat approaching visual effect made functional.
  • PQs, Taxis and other event-driven situations warps players at random spawnpoints, GMS-like.
  • Some reactors (PQ bonus boxes) spraying items on the map, instead of dropping everything at once.
  • Reactors pick items up smartly, checking for an option to pick up on many-items-nearby scenario.
  • Updated many scripted portals not implementing SFX properly.
  • Updated Crimsonwood, World Tour, Nihal Desert and Neo City, enabling quest completion and game progression in these areas.
  • Giant Cake (anniversary-themed boss) drops Maple equipments, Maple scrolls, summoning bags and many more interesting items.

PQ potentials:

  • Lobby system - Multiple PQ instances on same channel.
  • Expedition system - Multiples parties can attempt on a same instance (lobbies and expeds are mutually-exclusive).
  • Guild queue system - Guilds can register themselves on a queue for the GPQ.

Player potentials:

  • Adventurer Mount quests functional.
  • All Equipment levels up.
  • Player level rates.
  • Gain fame by quests.

Exploits patched:

  • Player being given free access to any character of any account once they have authenticated their account on login phase.
  • Player being given permission to delete any character of any account once they have authenticated their account on login phase.
  • Player being able to start/complete any quest freely.
  • Several assynchronous-oriented exploits patched, highlights on those involving Fredrick & Duey.

Custom NPCs:

  • Agent E: Accessory crafter.
  • Donation Box: Instant-sell NPC.
  • Ace of Hearts & Coco: C. scroll crafter.
  • Spiegelmann: Instant-ore refiner NPC.